Global sourcing of
raw materials

PLT Health Solutions has appointed Quimdis as a sales and distribution partner for France and Monaco

including Slendacor® Weight Management Complex, zümXR® Targeted Release Caffeine and Artesa® Chickpea Flour & Protein.

According to Jay Martin, Managing Director, Global Sales at PLT Health Solutions, introducing a broader range of companies to PLT’s market leading ingredients in France is the driving force behind the selection of Quimdis as a representative. “Quimdis has a 30-plus year reputation as an innovation partner for consumer products in France and around the world,” he said. “We’re excited for the opportunity to work with Quimdis in bringing our ingredient solutions to France where, together, we can help people live happier, healthier lives,” he added.

“PLT Health Solutions is a leading brand in US health care industry and in the rest of the world, so we are very proud to represent them here in France.” said Jean-François Quarré, Quimdis President. “By working PLT Health Solutions products – we are once again reinforcing our own leadership in the French market.”

Market Leading Ingredients

Martin went on to talk about the opportunities these ingredients will represent for Quimdis.

“With Slendacor, Quimdis will now be able to bring world-leading slimming solutions to food and supplement brands within France in both pills and weight loss powder shakes forms.
For the first time, zümXR will give Quimdis’ supplement customers the opportunity to design unique products that have the with customized energy release profiles. This need is especially necessary in sports nutrition and pure energy products designed to meet specific needs,” he said.

“With our Artesa portfolio, Quimdis will be able to offer its food & beverage customers a clean, vegan option for foods that appeal to the healthy customer segments. Artesa’s chickpea source and proprietary manufacturing process will allow Quimdis’ food customers the ability to replace several ingredients in breads, pizza doughs, snack foods and more with a cleaner, healthier profile. Artesa Chickpea Protein is also well suited for protein and weight loss shake mixes,” he added.