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Plant infusions concentrated on totum plant

ipowder® is an innovative range of 13 plants extracts obtained from a patented process.

It consists, as a first step, of an extraction of the dry plant with water. The plant infusion obtained is then concentrated and dried on the totum of the same plant (the entire plant powder).

This non selective process preserves all the active components of the plant and restores them in their entirety and integrity. Almost all the proposed extracts are titrated in one active molecule.

ipowder® is 100% plants!

→ No support is added (like maltodextrin, etc…) allowing a simplified labelling.

→ This concentration in plants allows reducing by 3 the quantities to incorporate in the final product

ipowder® offers more than 20 axes of claims under evaluation by the EFSA: digestive health, cardiovascular health, hepatic health, joint health, slimming, detox, vitality, sleep, etc…

ipowder® is conform to the European regulation.

ipowder® is suitable for capsules and tablets.