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Innovative fresh plant liquid preparation

ifluid® is an innovative range of 23 fresh plants liquid preparations obtained from a patented process.

Enzymes are used in order to eliminate the pecto-cellulosic wall of the plant cells which limits the assimilation of the active ingredients in the intestine. The obtained protoplast protects all the fresh plant essential components to restore them in their entirety and integrity and improves their availability.

ifluid® allows a simplified labelling because the preparations are organic solvent free, preservatives free, added sugar free, flavoring free, coloring free.

ifluid® offers more than 20 axes of claims under evaluation by the EFSA: digestive health, cardiovascular health, hepatic health, joint health, slimming, detox, vitality, sleep, etc…

ifluid® is conform to the European regulation.

ifluid® is suitable for drinks, sprays, liquid sticks…

  • Origin

    Country: France

    Supplier: Pileje Industrie

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    More than 20 axes of claims under evaluation by the EFSA

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