Take advantage of our expertise when it comes to researching active ingredients and excipients (mineral and organic salts, amino acids, plant extracts, essential oils, lubricants, vitamins, sweeteners, preservatives, coating agents, antioxidants…)
Efficient sourcing for our customers (ethics and generic laboratories) in more than forty countries, overseen by our branches, our European contacts, our offices and correspondents in India.
Sales director : Michel Manalt
A regulatory support service
To guide you with your projects, our regulatory support service will provide you with all the documentation needed to register:
* GMP and BSE/TSE certificates
* safety data sheets
* specification sheets
* stability studies
We can answer all your questions relating to the ingredients we offer.

Formulation documentation at your disposal
We can also provide you with a significant number of formulation reports on all galenic forms (tablets, syrups, injectables) and dosages. In the event that we do not have a specific document, we will quickly locate a partner able to meet your requirements.

The development of innovative solutions
Quimdis also offers innovative galenic forms (controlled release, orodispersible, etc.) and distributes a whole range of biotechnological products for pharmaceutical industries.